Our Story

“Our belief system around financial inclusion and democratizing finance is core to our philosophy”

Our journey to meet a serious need in the market for tax compliance on digital assets transactions is more than just a commercial opportunity. It’s something way more personal and meaningful. We wish to see further innovation in cryptocurrencies and related digital assets to transform financial inclusion standards globally and while doing so deliver transparency and security to millions of believers in blockchain technology and its ability to democratize global finance over time. Our belief system is supported strongly by developing countries that wish to leverage blockchain technologies as a digital payments infrastructure to engage large sections of their populations that are outside of the financial inclusion net.

“ The future of digital assets taxation is here!”

We believe the world of virtual digital assets will grow exponentially over the next decade. Building the appropriate infrastructure and support services to enable the ecosystem to thrive and prosper is critical to its long-run success. At TaxCryp, we wish to play a vital role to empower our customers to get complete control of their tax obligations while making informed investment decisions. Not only do we wish to deliver transparency and greater accountability when it comes to taxes, but at the heart of it, is to take away the “tax harassment” that investors fear, when computing their taxes on their crypto activities.

“ Enable an entire asset class to exist and prosper over time”

Our effort in this endeavor is to not only meet this burning need amongst crypto investors to get tax compliant, but more importantly support the growth and prosperity of the crypto ecosystem, delivering peace of mind and ease of tax filing (and related compliance). Our role as a vital “technology enabler” will be increasingly crucial to crypto investors in India and the rest of the region. Currently India has over 20 million crypto investors, and the rest Southeast Asia brings in another 20 million investors operating in different tax jurisdictions.

Let us deliver you peace of mind on your tax computation worries!

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